My name is Konrad Zdanowicz.


I am an architect (M.Arch at University of Technology in Poznan). Architecture has a significant 
role in my life but my real passion is 3D graphics. I started my adventure with 3D software at the 
begining of my studies. Before I graduated I had been working in few different architectural offices.
It helped me to understand the process of architectural design and made my present cooperation
with proffesional clients much easier and more effective. My role was to sell the design with a help
of 3D graphics. I created lots of visualisations starting from modern, luxury houses ending with
retail and public buildings like a new extension to University of Arts in Poznan.

I am a freelance 3D graphic designer since the begining of 2014. After graduation I decided
to focus on professional 3D graphic services for architects and developers. I work remotely with
many different architectural studios from all over the United Kingdom. I was involved in projects of
different scale, starting from regular detached houses through high-rise buildings ending with large
multifuctional schemes. At end of 2018 there were over 200 projects in my library and it's still
increasing. I worked in cooperation with many great British studios and developers like
Ollier&Smurthwaite, Peter Clarke, CODA Studios, Maber, Cassidy Group and many others.
I hope you will be the next!



The right tools are very important to create a great piece of work. Licensed 3D software helps me a lot.